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Locating a safe in a closet, or if a larger safe, in a spare room makes it easier and more readily available for everyday use. Whether it’s a small, shelf safe in a closet, wall mounted or a larger free standing one, being able to use it conveniently is important, especially when being used for jewelry, watches, cash, spare credit cards, passports and important papers. For home safe security, always locate your safe where it is going to be easy for you to use and access as needed on a regular basis. Having a safe located in the basement, under the stairs, behind a small door, having to kneel to use is not always the ideal situation. There are two main reasons to make sure that your safe is secure. First, so that it cannot be picked up and carried away especially if is a smaller safe. Second, so that it cannot be pulled forward or topple over on top of the user, as some of the larger safes can be top heavy if not loaded properly.

Lexington Locksmith safeVisit or stocked showroom at 240 Bedford Street, Lexington right next to the bike path for a complete line of Amsec® safes. With a variety of small personal shelf safes to a 2 hour fire rated gun safe or money chest, Lexington Lock Service has a full selection for you to choose from. We can also deliver and set up your new safe for you.

Lexington Lock Service can also service your current safe, change the combination, and on some safes, update your current dial to open with an electronic lock for use with multiple combinations.

What makes a Safe, Safe?

During the 1800’s, “strong boxes” were made from cast iron, with thick walls and an intricate locking system to keep gold and silver secure. Those boxes eventually evolved into today’s more commonly known safes. Safes are now rated to protect against two types of hazards; fire & burglary. Today’s safes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and different fire and burglary ratings.

Wall Safes: These are built into a wall, sometimes hidden behind a picture or in a closet behind clothes. They are usually shallow, and may or may not be fire rated. They are convenient in bedroom closets for jewelry, watches and items used on a more regular basis.

Floor Safes: Floor safes are usually buried in a concrete slab in the basement or built into a floor. These safes are not recommended for basement use in New England because of the moisture and underground water from the spring runoff.

Home Burglary & Fire Safes: They are used to store important documents and papers, electronic media back up, jewelry and other items needing protection. These should be U.L. Fire Rated and/or U.L. Burglary Rated depending upon your requirements.

Gun Safes: Protecting your firearms is the most important aspect of being a gun owner. From long guns to hand guns, ammunition to accessories, not only is it the law in Massachusetts that your firearms be secure, it allows you the peace of mind that you have made the best choice to keep your weapons from falling into the wrong hands. Remember in Massachusetts, gun safes and gun locks are tax exempt.