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Lexington Lock Service is your source for all automotive keys. Most transponder & chip keys can be cut and programmed while you wait! We have all of the latest and up to date automotive key origination and duplication tools available.

Lexington Lock

Non-transponder keys

These keys are the type that have been used since the inception of the automobile. Either single or double sided; they require no high tech machines or programming.

Transponder keys & proximity keys

Contrary to what some people and dealerships may tell you, they are NOT THE ONLY ONES who can make these keys for you. Transponder keys and proximity (PROX) keys are now being used in the majority of automobiles and many motorcycles being produced and sold today. These keys, having been around for over ten years require that a micro-chip in the head of the key communicate with the car's electronic control unit (ECU). Lexington Lock If a key or PROX is not currently programmed into the ECU of the car it will not start. Lexington Lock Service is able to add additional keys to your vehicles ECU by either cloning or programming, but we also have the ability to erase all of the existing keys to the car in the event that your keys are stolen or fall into the wrong hands.

Lost or Stolen Keys

If you have lost or had stolen all the copies of your car keys, Lexington Lock Service can come to the car’s location, make and program a replacement key for most vehicles sold today. We have the ability to cut sidewinder high security laser keys, tibbe and standard keys on site, and with our stand alone and computer driven programmers, we can program the new keys if needed and get you on your way quickly.

Lexington Lock